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Simpler, Less Expensive 401(k) Options Employee Fiduciary recognized as a pioneer by New York Times! Read Post
Employee Fiduciary Recommended in Interview with Mark Zoril In an interview for FitSmallBusiness.com, "How small businesses can provide employees with a retirement plan? An Interview with Mark Zoril," Zoril recommends Employee Fiduciary for 401k recordkeeping. Read Post
Employee Fiduciary Announces Subsidiary Frugal Financial Delivers Low Cost, Fiduciary-Grade Investment Advice to 401k Plans Employee Fiduciary has announced the launch of Frugal Financial Retirement Plan Services, LLC (“Frugal Financial”), a wholly-owned subsidiary. Frugal Financial is a registered investment advisor, serving 401k and other types of retirement plans exclusively. It’s Frugal Financial’s mission to complement and ... Read Post
Employee Fiduciary Launches Financial Advisor Directory Employee Fiduciary, LLC announces the launch of its new, online Financial Advisor Directory.  The directory will include the general contact information, website, types of plans administered, years in business, and credentials of all Employee Fiduciary financial advisor partners who submitted their business listing and have at least one plan with Employee Fiduciary. A search can be done by ... Read Post
Employee Fiduciary Announces Record Sales for First Half of 2015 Employee Fiduciary announces record sales for the first half of 2015. The company saw a 64% increase in sales compared to the first half of 2014. With proposals up 65% compared with last year, Employee Fiduciary anticipates their rapid growth to continue for the remainder of 2015.  Read Post
Small Companies Now Have No Excuse for a Lousy Retirement Plan Eric Droblyen, president of Employee Fiduciary was quoted in an article on Bloomberg Business. Business owners might pay more attention to these fees if they were coming directly out of the company coffers. Instead, the fees are often passed on to workers in the form of higher mutual fund expenses. “If it’s not affecting your company bottom line, you don’t pay attention to fees,” said Eric ... Read Post
Benefits experts debate long-term impact of fiduciary rules on employers Eric Droblyen, president and COO of Employee Fiduciary was quoted in an article on Employee Benefits News. “When the president announces that a proposed regulation has gone to the OMB it is clearly a priority for the administration,” said Eric Droblyen, president and COO of Employee Fiduciary, LLC in St. Petersburg, Fla. “I have to believe the DOL has learned a lesson in listening to the ... Read Post
Greg Carpenter interviewed by Nick Thorton Greg Carpenter was interviewed by Nick Thorton, BenefitsPro.com. "Putting clients’ interests first all along." Greg Carpenter, a co-founder of Employee Fiduciary, a Mobile, Alabama-based RIA that specializes in the small-plan market, thinks the DOL’s proposed rule will, in fact, be disruptive to the 401(k) market, which remains dominated by the broker-dealer world, not RIA fiduciaries who ... Read Post
Greg Carpenter interviewed by the WSJ Greg Carpenter was interviewed by the WSJ: "How to Lobby for a Better 401(k)." Consider writing a letter. "You've got to frame the request. Keep it positive. Put it in writing. Be prepared to assist," says Greg Carpenter, chief executive of Employee Fiduciary, which is based in Mobile, Ala., and offers record- keeping services to 401(k) plans. Read Post
Article by Greg Carpenter published on MarketWatch Contrary to popular belief, it can be easy for small businesses to cut through the red tape and evaluate their 401(k) fees — even the ones that don't appear on a Form 5500 or quarterly statements. Read the article by Greg Carpenter "3 Easy Steps for Small Businesses to Evaluate 401k fees," on MarketWatch.com.  Read Post