Paring 401(k) Expenses

New-York-times-logoParing 401(k) Expenses September 11, 2012 Greg Carpenter, chief executive of Employee Fiduciary in Mobile, Ala., which provides retirement plan services, said the Labor Department disclosures “won’t show what kind of deal you’re getting” from your retirement plan. “The cost is not fully delineated,” he said.


Greg Carpenter

Greg Carpenter founded Employee Fiduciary in 2004. With 29 years of experience in accounting and finance, Greg has brought his expertise to a variety of advisory, senior and executive management roles. Greg has worked for a national accounting firm, a Fortune 500 plan sponsor, a major brokerage firm, and he served as the CEO of a major 401k TPA firm. He is a CPA and earned his BA from Yale and his MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.