401(k) Investments Without Hidden Fees

Choose the funds you want - including leading index funds - with no markup for hidden fees.



Any Investment You Want

With Employee Fiduciary, you get access to all NSCC-tradeable funds on the market - nearly 30,000 share classes from 377 fund families. 

This includes low-cost options such as:

  • Vanguard
  • Index Funds
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

You can also elect to include a self-directed brokerage account from TD Ameritrade, which allows you to invest in any fund on the market - even those outside your plan's fund lineup.


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Zero Markup. Zero Hidden Fees.

Many 401(k) providers limit your investment options to high-priced mutual funds that pay them hidden compensation (known as "revenue sharing"). But not us.

We don't add our own fees on top of the investment costs incurred by your plan. So you can pursue your strategy without worrying about excessive fees from Employee Fiduciary.



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