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401(k) fees lower the investment returns of plan participants dollar-for-dollar. By retirement, these losses can cost a participant hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost compound interest. To ensure excessive 401(k) fees do not lower the investment returns of plan participants needlessly, business owners have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure their plan pays "reasonable" fees.

For business owners to ensure their 401(k) fees are reasonable, they must benchmark them - basically, compare the administration and investment fees charged by their 401(k) provider to competing providers or industry averages on an apples-to-apples basis.

Need help benchmarking your 401(k) fees? We can help. If you send us a copy of your 401(k) provider's 408b-2 fee disclosure, we'll provide you with a detailed a 401(k) comparison fee report that shows...

  • Your plan's "all-in" fee (administration + investment fees), including any hidden fees charged by your 401(k) provider
  • Investment alternatives that can lower your cost without sacrificing performance
  • How much you and your employees could save by replacing your current 401(k) provider with Employee Fiduciary

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Over the years, our firm has completed hundreds of small business 401(k) fee comparisons. Our most recent comparisons can be found below.  They show the administration and investment fees charged by 40+ leading 401(k) providers.

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