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Don’t Fall Victim to Hidden 401(k) Fees

Hidden 401(k) Fees are More Common Than You Think.


In our recent fee study, we found that 75% of small business plans pay hidden fees, costing their participants 0.42% of their account balance every year.

This bar graph shows the worst-offenders at charging hidden fees. If you use one of these providers, chance are you’re paying hidden fees.


Hidden Fees Could Delay Your Retirement.


Every dollar you pay in fees is a dollar that doesn’t get to grow.

Thanks to the power of compound interest, seemingly small 401(k) fees can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. You or your employees might have to work years longer to have enough to retire comfortably.


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To Get Started, We’ll Need a Few Documents

The documents we need change depending on your provider. Choose your provider from the dropdown for specific instructions on which documents you need and where to get them.

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Call Your 401(k) Provider and Ask for These Documents

408(b)(2) Fee Disclosure

American Funds Participant Fee Disclosure

The Department of Labor requires your provider to furnish a document upon request that discloses all the fees your plan is paying. These documents can often be found in your provider’s employer website, but the easiest way to obtain it may be to simply call your customer service rep and ask for it.

American Funds Participant Fee Disclosure

Statement of Assets Report

Ascensus Statement of Assets

This is a spreadsheet or document that shows the total amount of money invested in each fund for your company’s entire plan. Since the 408(b)(2) only discloses fees as percentages, we’ll need this to calculate exactly how much you’re paying your provider.

This report can be found in your provider’s employer website.

Ascensus Statement of Assets

TPA Services Agreement or Invoice

TPA Invoice

Your provider may not deliver third-party administration (TPA) services – one of the three administration services every 401(k) plan requires – for your plan. In these cases, an unrelated (usually local) TPA delivers these services. If you’re using an outside TPA who is billing you directly, we’ll need to factor their pricing into your fee calculation.

Please provide us with their service agreement or one of their invoices so we can factor in their fees.

TPA Invoice

Don’t Let Hidden Fees Delay Your Retirement

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