Pick Low Cost 401k Investments, Including Vanguard Funds, Index Funds or ETFs, Without Mark-up or Restriction!

It seems everyone has a different investing philosophy. There are those who advocate a “buy and hold” strategy while others prefer a more active approach to selecting and managing their investments. But there’s one philosophy Employee Fiduciary clients share — never pay too much for your 401k investments.

Employee Fiduciary makes it simple to choose low cost investments in your 401k plan. You can select any mutual fund currently allowing for investment. This includes low cost options such as:

  • Vanguard funds
  • index funds
  • exchange traded funds (ETFs)

You can also elect to include a self-directed brokerage account from TD Ameritrade with your plan. (Note that trading fees incurred in these accounts are the responsibility of the participants electing the investment.)

The best part? Zero markup. We don’t add our own fees on top of the investment costs incurred in your plan. So you can pursue your strategy without worrying about excessive fees from Employee Fiduciary.

Are you ready to choose low cost investments for your plan? Contact us and we’ll get a proposal together for your review.