Straightforward and Low Cost 401k Plans

So just how low cost is a plan with Employee Fiduciary? See for yourself! We’re proud of our low cost 401k plan pricing. We keep things simple, straightforward and cost effective because life is complicated (and expensive) enough.

Plan Establishment:

  • New (Start-Up) Plans – $500
  • Existing (Conversion) Plans – $1,000

Annual Administration:

  • Base Fee – $1,500 per year (covers up to 30 eligible employees) + $30 per year for each eligible employee in excess of 30 (if applicable)
  • Asset Fee – 0.08% of plan assets per year

Individual 401k Plans*

Plan Establishment:

  • New (Start-Up) Plans – $100
  • Existing (Conversion) Plans – $200

Annual Administration:

  • Base Fee – $200 per year ($50 per quarter)
  • Asset Fee of 0.08% of plan assets per year

*Individual 401(k) plans cover a business owner with no employees, or an owner and spouse. Businesses with non-spouse employees age 21 or older who work more than 1,000 hours a year cannot sponsor an individual 401(k) plan.

We’re committed to being one of the industry’s lowest cost 401k providers because we want you to achieve your retirement goals. Employee Fiduciary does not retain any revenue sharing from investment providers. Any revenue sharing we receive can be used to offset administration fees or reallocated among plan participants based on the terms of our 401k plans.

We believe 401k’s are similar to commodities. No matter what bells and whistles are added, every 401k plan has the same core components by definition. That’s why Employee Fiduciary does not discount services or extend pricing exceptions for employee retirement – all clients pay the same fees for services rendered. We do not require asset minimums or expense ratio markups and there are no restrictions on investment selection.

We know. It’s hard to believe 401k plan pricing can be this low. Contact us with the form on the right and we’ll be happy to create a custom low cost 401k proposal for you.