Plan Set-up Services

At Employee Fiduciary, we don’t sell cookie-cutter 401(k) plans that are unlikely to meet your company’s needs. Instead, we kick off every new plan set-up with a plan design consultation where we’ll customize a 401(k) plan together to meet your company’s unique goals and budget. We think this time is well-spent because the wrong 401(k) plan design can result in thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses or failed annual testing. 

  • Matching available plan features to your company's goals in a plan design meeting
  • Preparing a plan document, including the Summary Plan Description (SPD)
  • Preparing participant enrollment materials
  • Establishing web access for you and the plan participants
  • Providing you with website and payroll upload training




Plan Conversion Services

If you have a 401(k) plan today, we will transfer (“convert”) it as part of the plan setup process. Basically, a conversion involves transferring your plan assets and participant-level records to Employee Fiduciary. The good news? Once you hire us, we’ll coordinate the whole process with your old provider.

  • Transferring assets from the outgoing provider to Employee Fiduciary
  • Preparing any participant notifications as required by law
  • Reconciling assets transferred from the outgoing provider


Get a Free Custom Proposal

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