Shopping Checklist

If you are a small business 401(k) plan sponsor, selecting competent service providers with reasonable fees is one of your most important - and confusing - fiduciary responsibilities. Our checklist makes 401(k) shopping easy.

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Thrift Savings Plan

The TSP covers Federal employees and is the largest retirement plan in the country. It is also the most efficient – offering a low cost menu of index funds. While no retirement plan can match its low fees, your 401(k) plan can get close.

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Shopping for 401(k) Investment Advice

When you sponsor a 401(k) plan, several investment-related decisions must be made. Dramatically different fees and expenses can result from this decision-making. When you know your options, it can be easy to make prudent choices.

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Asset-Based Admin Fees

Many 401(k) providers charge an asset-based fee for administration services. However, plan assets have little to do with their level of service, meaning a 401(k) plan with lots of assets pay more than they should. Admin fees based on participant headcount are more reasonable.

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Find a Financial Advisor

Do you need a financial advisor for your retirement plan? Employee Fiduciary can help. We work with hundreds of advisors nationwide.

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