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Welcome to Employee Fiduciary’s Blog

Greg Carpenter

on November 12th, 2012


Employee Fiduciary has been a quiet company, but with all of the changes to the 401(k) industry - and not all for the better - it’s time we make ourselves heard.

When 401(k) plans became mainstream in the ‘80s, many of us envisioned a culture of retirement planning and saving that had never been seen before - what a great way to save and save and reduce the tax bill! Over the last 30 years, however, 401(k)s have become for many the only investment vehicle for retirement planning, raising the stakes for employees. Hidden fees, obfuscation and fine print add to the burden, allowing some providers to bleed tens of thousands of dollars in fees over time from typical investors.

Furthermore we are well aware that economic conditions have been less-than-stellar and the growth of our economy is slow. As the Washington Post notes, retirement prospects for our young workers are extremely bleak. Plainly, every penny counts. To that end, we will be using our blog to discuss best practices for the industry and spotlighting those practices that hold us all back. But we will also help educate and inform 401(k) investors on industry jargon and peculiarities, and share with you some of the good work we do at Employee Fiduciary. We may also point out a client or partner making a positive difference.

In the Internet Age, there is no excuse for avoiding the creation of thoughtful discourse that would serve your clients and prospects well. And as our clients are folks working at American small businesses, it’s time to start the conversation.

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