Welcome to Employee Fiduciary, your low cost 401(k) advocate! Our mission is simple - to provide small businesses and their employees access to retirement plans that offer the same low prices, investment choices and quality service as plans sponsored by our country’s largest corporations. Founded in 2004, we administer more than 4,000 small business 401(k) plans in all 50 states with nearly $5 billion in assets.

We are obsessed with 401(k) plans and a bit fanatical about getting things just right. We challenge ourselves to constantly improve our work processes – not only when the occasional issue crops up, but as an ongoing approach to business as a whole. We also don’t mind being called boring. In fact, we take it as a compliment. As a service partner, we understand our job is to deliver dependable, consistent service. That means a professional, no-drama approach that when we deliver it at its best is, well, boring.

Our Commitment


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Low Costs

We are proud of our pricing and are committed to keeping things simple, straightforward and cost effective because life is complicated and costly enough.

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Fee Transparency

We only charge direct, fully disclosed fees. There are no related party transactions, hidden incentives or sales fees.

Customer Care

We are committed to providing you the best services at the lowest possible cost. All of our clients receive a dedicated relationship manager. No call centers here!

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Investment Choices

Choose from any mutual fund or ETF, including Vanguard Funds and low-cost index funds – no limitations and no mark-up.

Optimal Plan Design

We provide plan design consultation and will gladly customize plans to meet client needs. We offer safe harbor, profit sharing, new comparability and other defined contribution plans.

100% Return of Revenue Sharing

When our clients select funds that pay revenue sharing, we use that compensation to reduce our invoices or reallocate the revenue to participant accounts. The choice is yours!

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