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Eric Droblyen began his career as an ERISA compliance specialist with Charles Schwab in the mid-1990s. His keen grasp on 401k plan administration and compliance matters has made Eric a sought after speaker. He has delivered presentations at a number of events, including the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA) Annual Conference. As President and COO of Employee Fiduciary, Eric is responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations and service delivery.
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Jerry Schlichter Interviewed by Frontline; 401k Sponsors Should Take Note

Last week, Frontline published an article as a follow-up to its 2013 documentary “The Retirement Gamble.” That documentary painted a picture of a retirement industry mired in hidden fees and conflicts of interests. In the new article, Frontline interviewed Jerome Schlichter, a St. Louis attorney specializing in suing plan sponsors for excessive 401k fees. Over […]

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DOL’s Fiduciary Rule Advances to OMB; Not Everyone is Happy about It

On February 23, 2015, President Obama announced that the long-awaited redrafting of the DOL’s “fiduciary rule” was being submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review. This rule, also called the “conflict of interest rule for investment advice,” would subject all financial advisors who provide investment advice to retirement plans to a […]

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Target Monthly Income and not an Account Balance When Saving for Retirement

Most people consider $100,000 a lot of money – I do anyway. But is it a lot of money when you’re saving for retirement? The short answer is it depends upon how old you are. A 30 year-old with a $100,000 nest egg is likely on track for a comfortable retirement at age 65 if […]

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Evaluating 401k Providers: Separating Commodity from Value-Added Services

Selecting competent service providers is one of the most important fiduciary duties of a 401k plan sponsor – and it can appear daunting at first glance. Fortunately, this process can be made much simpler by understanding each service that makes up a 401k plan and applying appropriate benchmarks to those services to measure their value. […]

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NAPA stakes a position against the DOL’s fiduciary rule

This month, the DOL is expected to propose a “fiduciary rule” for financial advisors that provide investment advice to retirement plans.  This rule, also called the “conflict of interest rule for investment advice,” would subject brokers to the same fiduciary obligations as investment advisers. The DOL proposed a fiduciary rule in 2010, but that proposal […]

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Keeping my Fingers Crossed for 401k Reform in Tonight’s SOTU Address

President Barack Obama will give his State of the Union address at 9 p.m. Eastern tonight.  During this speech, he is expected to propose reforms to our private retirement plan system.  If he does, it will be second year in a row the president addressed retirement plan reform.  Last year, the president created the myRA, […]

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New Year’s Resolution # 1 for Fiduciaries – “I WILL Evaluate My 401k Plan Fees”

I have always liked New Year’s resolutions.  They are a great excuse for ending bad behaviors or starting good ones.   Here’s one for all small business 401k sponsors – “I will evaluate my plan fees for reasonableness.”  Let me explain why…

ERISA requires 401k sponsors, and any other fiduciary, to ensure that the services provided […]

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